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samplistick – our share in making the world just a little bit better


Of course we are well aware that we will not solve the current global problems. But we want to improve it a little bit. Without sacrifice, but with a lot of fun, self-consciousness and a little bit of luxury.

Our operational area is cosmetics samples. Because this is where a system with huge amounts of waste has established. Waste that usually cannot be recycled and is of minor benefit to its recipient. Samples that are being distributed when available. No matter the recipients needs or wants.

We are convinced that those samples can do much more. When used in the right way, they can help its recipients in choosing the right products and avoid bad purchases. Users could have fun in trying products. And already existing material is kept in circulation while being recycled.

That is why we need employees in all areas. Employees who want to establish a responsible consumption behavior. Employees who will commit themselves with individual responsibility and high motivation to these goals. No matter whether in materials science & product development, data & tech, marketing, supply chain, sales or whatever your area of ​​expertise might be. If you’re a good fit for us, we’ll definitely find your position!

samplistick as an employer – sustainability at heart

At samplistick™ we want to face todays‘ challenges and provide our share for a better world. We strongly believe in social, economic and ecological sustainability and are ready to give our best. Even if we are not yet perfect in reaching those goals, we are committed to live up to those believes and work hard to improve every day.

We believe in the benefits of diversity

for each one of us, for us as a team, and for the entire company

We are aware that actions will have consequences

immediately visible ones as well as such which will only take effect further down the road

We understand that we are facing an ecological crossroad

we want to take the right direction

Where would you unfold effectiveness?

We are looking forward to hear from you!

We have no vacancies but yet urgently need help. Convince us with your CV and a little story: describe how your life has prepared you to work at samplistick™ and how you think you could make the most out of it. Let us talk and see what we can learn from each other.

Please send us a mail with a pdf attachement to