Sampling reinvented

The contemporary solution
for modern
beauty consumption

samplistick – the simple ideas are the best ideas!

samplistick™ transfers sampling into the present. Instead of getting a random product sample when shopping for beauty, samplistick™ supports conscious product selection.

An individually selected sample is being bottled on demand into your personal samplistick™. Upon specific customer request or after consultation with a specialist dealer.

The sample can afterwards be tested at home with no pressure and under individual conditions. So that a conscious purchasing decision can be made.

The service is free for consumers; the “sticks” are made from 100% recyled plastic. They are designed to be fully recyclable and produced locally.

What can samplistick do for you?

samplistick for consumers

Want to try out samplistick™ yourself? samplistick™ is currently being tested on the market and available in a continuously increasing number of perfumeries. Find the closest retailer near you on our website for consumers.

samplistick for retailers and manufacturers

Interested in how samplistick™ can leverag your retail business in your store? We are more than happy to meet you! Find more about what samplistick™ can do for your business here!

samplistick for investors and financial partners

samplistick™ keeps growing. Grow with us! Let’s benefit mutually and disrupt a significant market. Find out more here.

samplistick for media representatives

Please find our press releases, media clippings and provided media material here.

Advantages of samplistick


samplistick™ allows sampling of creamy, pasty, liquid and solid products from every commercial packaging


The material used confirms to food-safety regulations and allows a hygienic filling and storage


The integrated spoon allows a clean sampling right out of any testproduct. The lid closes leak-proof. The design of the container allows to fully empty the content at home


The samplistick™ app is used to easily enter and document relevant product information


Specifically shaped edges on the spoon allow an easy removal of solid textures such as lipstick and eye shadow and of any kind of applicators


samplistick™ is made from 100% recyled plastic, recyclable by design and made in Germany

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