samplistick for retailers & manufacturers

Solution for the beauty industrys challenges

Contemporary demands – existing challenges of the beauty industry

All participants of the “perfumery” ecosystem have to face current and complex challenges of their most important sales channel. Answers to a variety of questions need to be found at the same time.

Shortage of skilled workers

Almost like no other retailer perfumeries stand for qualified guidance of their customers. Ultimately, it’s about individual problems and complex active ingredients on a customer’s skin. At a time where it is becoming increasingly difficult to find and retain skilled and motivated employees, there is no room for consessions when it comes to consulting services, being the most important differentiating feature of drugstores.

Abandoned cities and aggressive pure online player

Covid acted as an accelerator for retail. While online sales recorded huge gains in frequency and turnover, stationary retailers started to slowly decease. Enormous financial and creative efforts were needed in order to counter existential threats.

Environmental protection

Never before humanity has been as aware of its own responsibilty towards the environment as it is today. Climate change, sustainable consumption, animal welfare – important and overdue questions to protect our coexistence. While time is short, easy-to-implement and quickly effective options for action are becoming increasingly important.

Small tool, big impact –
ready for future with samplistick

In order to successfully solve the beauty markets current challenges changes in awareness and behavior are needed. What appears to be inquestionable has to be challenged today. In its simplicity samplistick™ helps partners and their employees to adapt existing business processes in a pragmatic way and to persitingly inspire their customers.



samplistick™ consists of 100% recyled plastic, is made in Germany and is completely recyclable. Used sticks can be returned and used in the production of new sticks. Not only does this increase the share of recycled material in the value chain, but samplistick™ actively contributes to the circular economy. Every “old sample” which has not been handed out prevents the consumption of new resources and helps the partners activly perform and highlight environmental protection.
samplistick™ enables modern, responsible consumption. Through a targeted sampling concious purchase selections can be made and poor purchases can be prevented. Effective sustainable consumption combined with fun trying things out makes customers’ dreams come true.



From trainees to managers, all employees are effortlessly enabled to meet customers at eye level and to answer every customer request. Consulting qualification no longer depends on the quality of the last product or sales training. Every visit to the store becomes an unforgettable experience for the customer.



samplistick™ offers real added value for customers. Instead of sampling what is available, customers can ask for specific products they want to try. Anxieties to visit a perfumery are lower than ever before. A true dialogue between customers and sales stuff is facilitated. Visitors no longer leave the store without results, but with an incentive to come back. High returns and consecutive purchases increase productivity of space and product range, customer satisfaction and sales.

samplistick™ – win/win for retailers & manufacturers

Consulting skills put into practice: samplistick™ in the perfumery

Sampling as we know today is initiated by manufacturers in order to introduce new products or emphasize bestseller. An adequate practice from a manufacturers point of view. But one that can only cover part of customers’ real needs. And, on top, only covers a small part of the entire product range offered in a store and potentially available for sampling. Thus important capabilities of the stationary sales remain untouched.

We’re changing the perspective: samplistick™ enables a targeted distribution of recommended or requested product samples based on individual customer needs. No matter whether a pasty, liquid or solid substance, whether from jars, tubes, pump bottles or even powder pans: every already existing test product can now be used for sampling. The “all-in-one” stick is easy and self explaining to fill in store and use at home. The convenient and glistening stick is the key to the universe of each perfumery. And a win-win for all parties involved.

Shape and material meet all the requirements for filling and packaging cosmetic products. The carefully selected material is “food-safe” and stays tight during transport. The samplistick™ system makes every sample identifiable through only few simple steps in the samplistick™ app. Sanitary requirements as well as legal requirements for documentation are met. Customers can use the samplistick™ app at home to examine about their sample. Product information, consumption history, social functions and individual contact options by retailers or manufacturers enable a perfect combination of stationary experience and digital information.


Power of the brand: how samplistick™ supports manufacturers

For the benefit of their consumers manufacturers invest enormous effort in research and development in order to meet current trends and use the latest active ingredients in their products. In the vast majority entire series are built around an innovation and are brought to market. Needless to say that using more than one product out of an entire series leeds to an increase of positive mutual effects. Understandably costumers hesitate though substituting all of their favorite products at once; after all we are talking about noticeable expenses. Not to mention that in most cases established favorites at home need to be integrated into a new routine.

With samplistick™ life becomes easier for everyone: manufacturers can make their innovative performance available for testing to its full extent. Customers can verify skin compatibility and effects without pressure. Sales consultants can make recommendations according to their expertise and without any restrictions. And samplistick™ as well is particularly helpful for cosmetic institutes.

samplistick™ makes it easier for small and new brands to enter the market. With the samplistick™ system immediate sampling of the entire range is possible. An investment that would otherwise be hard to realize. Due to production constraints and high expenses even more at the beginning of a brand development.


To be too good to be true?

Let the numbers speak for themselves!

Proven effects

Current figures show a repurchase rate of around 30%. All customers are enthusiastic (“…I love this way of sampling…”), customer acceptance is almost 100%.

Award-winning concept

The samplistick™ system has won several awards. The Ministry of Economic Affairs of Baden-Württemberg rewarded and financially supported it as part of the competition “Shopping experiences in stationary retail – best practices for Baden-Württemberg”.

Tried and tested

The system has already been tried and tested. After an inital two-day test and following evaluation, the teams were so enthusiastic that samplistick™ is now being actively used in sales. Required training for the introduction has showed to be extremely low, and employee acceptance remains high.

Differentiation from competitiors

Our journey has just begun. The samplistick™ system is continuously developping but already seamlessly integrating into established processes. We have big plans, become a part of samplistick™ and secure its potential early!