Investment opportunity

Attractive chances with samplistick

Disrupting an established system with samplistick

samplistick™ is addressing a well-known problem customers have when shopping for beauty: during checkout sales stuff offers with best intentions product samples as gift of purchase. A lottery game, as the recipient usually has little choice. Only available samples can be distributed. Sometimes these samples are appreciated, but usually they don’t suit the individual needs or wants. For retailers this is an inefficient and non-transparent investment. But for customers all over the world, it is more of a nuisance that has so far been impossible to resolve.

Product sampling is subject to a traditionally manufacturer-driven paradigm and leads to a skewed situation. The potential of a positive customer experience during checkout is only being used to little extent.

Unused potential
Instead of enjoying trying things out, the customer feels frustrated and often even leaves the store upset.
Low sales quality
Untargeted samples are not able to fully use their potential in supporting sales.
No answers given
Retailers can only respond to explicit customer requests if the sample in question happens to be available. Many visitors leave the store without their needs being addressed or having received satisfying answered to their concerns.
Lack of sustainability
Samples in their current design contribute to more waste and wasted resources. They are made from primary resources and can hardly be recycled due to material composition and dimensions.
Our vision is to create a platform that enables responsible consumption in the cosmetics industry. Our goal is to use samplistick™ to establish the leading system for sustainability in pre-purchase and to exploit existing potential for consumers, retailers, manufacturers and the environment.
Daniela Mündler

Founde and CEO, samplistick GmbH

samplistick has huge potentials

Competitors only optimize individual aspects of the existing sampling system; none of them rewrite the rules setting their focus on the customer. A holistic approach such as that offered by samplistick™ is unique so far.
The “pain” of not being able to try products before purchasing is universal. The “perfumery” retail type offers an attractive market in which samplistick™ can be used out of the box.
Number of perfumery visitors

approx. 4.1 billion globally
approx. 225 million across Germany

Sales of high-priced cosmetics

Globally approx. 66 billion euros
approx. 3.5 billion euros throughout Germany

Quantity of samples produced

More than 122 billion pieces worldwide
only of the “plastic sachet” type

There are no limits to grow: after entering the global perfumery sales channel, business can be easyly scalee into related markets (especially pharmacy, hairdresser). Further expansion can focus on other business models (B2C) afterwards.

Benefits for environment, consumers,
retailers and manufacturers

  • With samplistick™, individual product sampling can be done on request. The first design was chosen so that the products can be filled in a leak-proof and transport-safe manner. Regardless of whether it contains a solid, creamy or liquid product. The “sticks” are made from 100% recycled plastic, manufactured in Germany and meet all requirements for primary packaging for food and cosmetics.
  • Each stick receives an individual, unique identification code. Legally necessary labels are documented via the associated samplistick™ app. Additionally the app enables social interactions between users, the integration of information on how to use the product and brand content as well as D2C communication. The samplistick™ service effectively overcomes boundaries between offline and online channels.
  • samplistick™ combines sustainability and digitalization. The service has proven to be extremely relevant for consumers. In addition, the topic of cosmetics shows enormous interaction rates on social media.
  • With samplistick™, ecological benefits are immediately realized. Efficiency can be accurately determined. In detail, it will lead to approximately
    75% fewer emissions per unit produced,
    100% less waste by avoiding secondary packaging,
    and approximately 90% fewer samples required overall due to a more targeted sampling.
  • Using samplistick™ has a positive impact on 8 of 17  global goals for sustainable development:
    Goal 3 „Good health and well-being“
    Goal 5 „Gender equality“
    Goal 8 „Decent work and economic growth“
    Goal 10 „Reduced inequalities“
    Goal 11 „Sustainable cities and communities“
    Goal 12 „Responsible consumption and production“
    Goal 13 „Climate action“
    Goal 17 „Partnership for the goals“
  • samplistick™ provides customers an easy access to the entire cosmetics range. Everyone is encouraged in their individual understanding of beauty – even beyond predetermined identities and assignments.
  • Using samplistick™ immediately contributes to the efforts in avoiding packaging waste, as stated within the framework of the European Green Deal:
    realizing economic growth without an increased exploitation of natural resources through an extended use of recycled material,
    the circular economy should be supported and
    resources should be used overall in a more targeted way.
    Specific “unnecessary” types of packaging should be avoided entirely. Miniature cosmetic packaging is explicitly mentioned.
  • By using samplistick™, retailers increase their productivity. Generating additional sales from a higher consumer loyalty and an increased conversions from visit to purchase. It measurably supports achieving ESG goals by reducing the proportion of packaging made from primary resources. Efforts in boosting additonal revenues and frequency increase as samplistick™ adds valuable data points to existing information.
  • With the help of samplistick™, manufacturers are compensated for innovation. Sampling as well opens up the opportunity to provide much more branded content digitally than ever. Small and new manufacturers are now given an easy way to sample their products in order to conquer a major barrier for a successful market entry. Eliminating the production and logistics associated with traditional sampling simplifies the supply chain and achieves savings right away.
  • samplistick™ efficiently helps B2B sales in informing and convincing their audience with a comprehensive product experience.